Liber Ero Fellowship Program

Past SAB



John Madden – John Madden is a management consultant and author from Vancouver, BC. He studied physics at the University of British Columbia, and completed a D. Phil., also in physics, at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. Previously, John was Chairman of the Canadian Ocean Frontiers Research Initiative, a forerunner of two large-scale Canadian undersea research projects, Neptune Canada and Venus, both hosted and managed by the University of Victoria. He is a past President of Microtel Pacific Research Ltd., Science World and of the Vancouver Institute, and a past board member of a number of organizations, including Simon Fraser University, the National Research Council (Canada), Discovery Enterprises Inc. (a venture capital company), ISE Research Ltd., the B.C. Advanced Systems Institute, and the Science Council of B.C. For over a decade, he served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. John is the co-author of Gutenberg Two – The New Electronics and Social Change and author of The Davey Dialogues – An Exploration of the Scientific Foundations of Human Culture.

Jonathan Moore – Liber Ero chair of Coastal Science and Management at Simon Fraser University. He is an aquatic ecologist; active areas of research include invasive species, watershed dynamics, and the diversity and stability of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems. He received his Ph.D. from University of Washington and a B.A. from Carleton College.

Andrew Wright – Andrew S. Wright is a former high technology entrepreneur. Since 2007 he has actively engaged in promoting enhanced inner city childhood education programs and ecological conservation efforts. In addition to directly supporting the Great Bear Rainforest agreement via donation he has played a direct technical role in advancing land based closed containment salmon aquaculture in BC. The development of the Namgis FinFish aquaculture farm is a direct result of these efforts. He is involved in a wide range of conservation endeavors and sits on the boards of various groups and initiatives, including conservation boards (Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, Jane Goodall Institute Canada, Liber Ero), advisory panels (SOS Marine Conservation Foundation, Tides Canada Aquaculture Innovation Fund, Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics), science boards (Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences), and corporate boards (Actenum Corporation and Zymeworks). Andrew S. Wright graduated from Hull University (UK) with a PhD in microwave engineering in 1990.