Liber Ero Fellowship Program


Conserving Canada

Conservation science aims to guide policy and management of our natural resources by applying cutting-edge research to real-world problems, helping to maintain both diverse natural ecosystems and healthy communities. Liber Ero is devoted to promoting applied and evidence-based conservation in Canada.

About The Program

This post-doctoral fellowship seeks to support early-career scientists to conduct and communicate world-class research that informs conservation and management issues relevant to Canada. For instance, post-doctoral scholars are encouraged to confront emerging management challenges that are time sensitive or tackle ‘wicked’ conservation problems with novel analyses, perspectives, and novel collaborations. Conservation science includes natural, social, and interdisciplinary research pursuits.

The Liber Ero Fellowship program aims to:

  1. Facilitate applied conservation research collaborations that links institutions, researchers, and conservation practitioners.
  2. Provide support and unique training opportunities for emerging conservation leaders at a critical stage in their careers.
  3. Increase the capacity of the Canadian scientific community to address pressing conservation and management issues.

This program is supported by philanthropists dedicated to the conservation of Canada’s biodiversity. The Liber Ero Fellows program follows the mission and model of the Smith Fellows program based in the US and extends it to Canada. The phrase “Liber Ero,” Latin for “I will be free,” reflects the goal of the program to foster independence and creativity and is the heraldic motto of the benefactors.